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Eligibility to receive any actual retirement benefit and the amount of a benefit is subject to information including, but not limited to, the following being verified where applicable:

Please note, the following shows the eligibility criteria for two sets of members:

For members entering service before April 2, 2012:

To be eligible to retire, the member must meet one of the following two conditions on their projected date of retirement:

For members entering service on and after April 2, 2012:

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I understand that the information and/or calculations displayed on this site do not necessarily reflect the actual amount of my retirement allowance. The results provided by this calculator are approximations and should not be considered as the final determination of my retirement benefit. They should not be relied upon for planning purposes.

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  9. OPTIONAL: If you are interested in estimating your benefits under Option C, please select and enter your beneficiary's date of birth or select your beneficiary's age on their birthday closest to your projected date of retirement. Reminder: Your Option C beneficiary must be your spouse, child, sibling, parent or former spouse who has not remarried.

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  1. Age at retirement:

  2. Years of Creditable Service display:

  3. Allowable % of Salary Average:

  4. Average Annual Salary:

  5. Veteran’s Bonus:


For more information on Allowance Options A, B, and C

Option A. (No survivor benefit)
  1. Annual Allowance:   

  2. Monthly Allowance:
  3. * Beneficiary Annual Allowance: N/A
  4. * Beneficiary Monthly Allowance: N/A
Option B. (Protects your annuity)
  1. Annual Allowance:   

  2. Monthly Allowance:
  3. * Beneficiary Annual Allowance: Balance Annuity Reserve Account, if any
  4. * Beneficiary Monthly Allowance: Balance Annuity Reserve Account, if any
Option C. (Joint survivor allowance)
  1. Annual Allowance:   

  2. Monthly Allowance:

  3. * Beneficiary Annual Allowance:  

  4. * Beneficiary Monthly Allowance:


Pension reform legislation signed into law in November 2011 included changes to retirement allowance calculations. This included separate calculations for members entering service BEFORE April 2, 2012 and members entering service ON OR AFTER April 2, 2012.

If you are within 120 days of your retirement date, or have already separated from employment, contact the State Board of Retirement to speak with one of our retirement counselors and start planning your retirement. The State Board of Retirement strongly recommends that you plan your retirement and that you file at least 30 days in advance of leaving your job. Certain retirement options will not be available to you once you stop working. To contact the State Retirement Board call 617-367-7770 (Boston Office), 413-730-6135 (Springfield Office) or 800-392-6014 (in MA only). You may also reach us at Additionally, you can visit the Retirement Board during our walk-in hours, Monday-Friday, 10am-3pm. Please note, the Board does not make appointments. Thank you.

*Beneficiary Allowance payable only upon death of retiree. If beneficiary predeceases retiree with option C, retiree’s pension amount will be increased to option A.